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Uzumaki Naruto

So i used to think that Naruto was a really dumb anime/manga but that’s only cuz i’d never actually bothered to watch/read any of it. Now that i’ve read and watched all that has come out so far I LOVE IT! lol It is funny and cute and suspenseful lol plus the characters are totally awesome (yes even the bad guys) i cant decide whether my favorite character is Hinata, Gaara, Itachi or Kakashi, (Naruto himself is a given) and Pervy Sage (jiraiya) used to be one of my favorites, but then he got killed :p  Now they are in the middle of the 4th great shinobi war thingy and there’s all these zombie ppl who were resurrected by some forbidden jutsu! The jutsu used to belong to one of the hokage but then Orochimaru learned it and now that they are both dead, Kabuto is using it! Kabuto is dumb but Madara Uchiha is way worse! I hope Naruto can learn to control and befriend the Kyuubi before Madara gets his hands on it and tries to destroy Konoha again! But the shinobi alliance also needs to keep an eye on Sasuke cuz he still wants revenge on the elders of Konoha for ruining Itachi’s life! Can’t wait to find out what’s next :D


‘Black Moor’ by Annie Stegg


Black Moor’ by Annie Stegg


time change

Ugh, boys are so confusing. I have decided to take a break from them this semester and really buckle down and get focused on school work. This semester has potential to be difficult. I am excited about this summer though, i have been emailing people about possibly taking Chinese classes at a local college this summer. :) 


Drugs are stupid!! oh. my. gosh. people are dumb! WHY DO YOU DO DRUGS??!! THAT IS STUPID! DO YOU KNOW HOW FREAKIN’ DUMB YOU SOUND?? when you call me at 3am and you are high you tell me mean, hurtful things. you are my friend and i love you but it is SO painful to know that you do drugs, and you contemplate drinking/partying and hurting yourself. It’s extremely frustrating, knowing that no matter WHAT i tell you, or WHAT i say, the decision is yours alone to make. i can’t make you stop, only you can make that decision to stop doing drugs and get clean. the only thing i know to do is pray for you. Will others help me and please pray for my unnamed friend? 


the snow was great! me, hannah, and aubrey went sledding and had a blast! see my other blog page for more details

Me voy a tomar dos españoles el próximo semestre para que pueda aprender más de esta hermosa lengua. :) Creo que va aayudar a mi carrera en la lingüística.